Spectre VR
Spectre VR is a state of the art virtual reality application for Pre-op planning and patient engagement. It comes with advanced visualisation algorithms to support 3D planning, segmentation. Spectre also supports real time multimodality fusion of 3D-3D and also 3D-2D studies.
Spectre VR enables surgeons to visualise the anatomy in 3D, fly through and locate medical issues and study it from every angle creating advanced situational awareness and patient specific plans. The segmentation allows surgeons to visualise different anatomical layers individually.
Spectre VR comes built-in with the latest advancements in R&D – Tractography for Brain DTI scans, integration with EEG / MCOG + electrode data in DBS cases, fusion of 3D -3D scans and 3D-2D scans like MRI with Ultrasound/Fluoroscopy.
Spectre VR is made ready for the future to integrate AI algorithms. Spine vertebrae segmentation, Automatic trajectory planning for DBS cases, tumour identification and labelling of the tumour regions.
Spectre VR uses advanced gaming laptops to tether the VR headset – to render at 90FPS and 144 MHz to deliver the best immersive reality experience. Photorealistic rendering allows virtual to look almost real.