At Triocula studios we have pioneered the art of creating life like AVATARS, your digital self in the metaverse. Our work blurs the line between virtual and real life personas enabling content creators to be immersed with your feelings.
Volumetric Capture
We create your AVATARS with high quality photorealistic renderings. Our team uses high quality depth cameras to capture your physical attributes and then work in the background on high quality rigging and meshing to provide real life like AVATARS.
Once the AVATAR is ready we use AI algorithms to put life into them by mimicking your actions from a video. Lip movements, facial expressions, hand movements are replicated to the finest details creating virtual content.
Your audience can use the virtual content delivered by us to be used in AR apps on any smartphone with depth cameras or on VR headsets for an immersive experience. Artists, World leaders, Fitness trainers, Psychology counsellors, Teachers can connect to their audience unlike never before.